Double Masking – How Effective Is It

HBI Blog / Double Masking – How Effective Is It

Are you double masking like many others? Does it have any benefits? How often should we change our masks?

Even though mass vaccination drive has started in most countries around the world, the answers to the above questions are still unclear to many. The following Q&A will help you out, and let you take your protection against COVID-19 to the optimum level.

Is Physical Distancing and Mask Necessary after Vaccination?

Definitely. Getting the two doses of vaccination might help protect us from getting sick, but we will still be at risk of spreading the virus among others. Therefore, social distancing and wearing a mask is an absolute necessity even after getting the vaccination until herd immunity is achieved.

Double Masking

Who’s the Mask Protecting after Vaccination – Myself or Others?

Before vaccination, masks will protect others from getting contaminated with the virus, if you have any. Besides, it does the same job for you. However, the vaccine is just a tool from the COVID-19 protection toolkit. Therefore, even though you have received the vaccination, consider it your duty to wear a mask to protect others. If we all play our part well, we can keep the virus away.

When will It be Safe to Remove Masks?

There are several countries around the world where people used masks long before the pandemic. Though the reasons were different (mostly pollution), the purpose was the same – to maintain good health. In the case of coronavirus, you should continue wearing a mask until herd immunity is achieved. However, experts suggest that a mask should be made an integral part of your life for as long as possible to prevent dust and other harmful particles in the air from entering the body.

Is Double Masking Necessary?

Double masking might prove to be helpful when you are in a tight indoor place like a flight. Doubling up the masks increases the number of layers, and hence, ensures maximum protection from the transmission.

N95 is the gold standard of masks and prevents 95 percent of particles from entering the nose and mouth. There is no need to wear double masks if you are wearing N95.

How Often Should a Mask be Replaced?

It depends upon the mask. However, reusable masks should be washed every day before use. The best way to ensure maximum safety is not to wear a mask for more than a day.

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