Estrogen Might Help With Delirium 

HBI Blog / Estrogen Might Help With Delirium 

The resurgence of interest in hormone replacement therapy has led to this groundbreaking discovery. Women with urinary tract infections (UTIs) frequently experience Delirium, particularly those who have gone through menopause. With estrogen, a hormone that is frequently utilized in hormone replacement therapy, researchers have been able to prevent the symptoms in a mice model.

How Does Estrogen Help?

The scientists studied the behavior of UTI-infected pre- and postmenopausal mice. They discovered that the menopausal mice showed signs of delirium, such as anxiety and bewilderment, but the other mice did not.

Estrogen therapy significantly decreased delirium-like behavior and blood levels of IL-6 in the mice. As bacterial levels in the urine were not significantly different between the two groups, the behavioral variations were not associated with the severity of UTIs.

Digging Deep

The team is also attempting to comprehend how delirium affects men and women differently.

It may be important in the long run to treat delirium effectively. This is due to the fact that delirium is a known risk factor for long-term cognitive deficits. This includes dementia brought on by Alzheimer’s .

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