Facial Scars And Insecurities 

HBI Blog / Facial Scars And Insecurities 
Facial Scars

We all get insecure at times. This has gotten worse due to the cruel beauty standard that social media pushes onto us. 

Small imperfections like facial scars can make a person self-conscious. But it has no impact on other people’s initial assessments of a person’s attractiveness or confidence, a new study suggests.

How Are Facial Scars Perceived?

The researchers had anticipated different outcomes. But the findings showed that a single, healed facial scar may even boost perceived friendliness. There was no discernible relationship between face scars and attractiveness.

On a scale of 0 to 5, average evaluations for attractiveness were given. The results were 4.25 for scarred faces and 4.26 for scarless faces. While perceptions of friendliness were greater for those with scars, ratings of confidence did not differ significantly.

Will the Scar Care Industry Bite the Dust?

Sadly, this might not happen. Rather, the scar care sector is anticipated to generate more than $34 billion in revenue by 2023. With 264,000 patients in 2020, scar correction will be a common reconstructive surgery operation.

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