Faster, Cheaper, More Accuracy – Artificial Intelligence’s Gift to Healthcare

HBI Blog / Faster, Cheaper, More Accuracy – Artificial Intelligence’s Gift to Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is rising steadily and faster than inflation for decades. According to experts, healthcare will account for more than 20 percent of the US GDP by the end of 2025. Adding to the woes, the physician shortage in the country continues to grow. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help solve this situation to a great extent. AI might seem to be intimidating in healthcare. To some, it might sound like a threat to their job. However, most of the providers believe that AI will accelerate and enable their job while decreasing the immense pressure they are working under.

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

Speed, cost, and accuracy are the three fields in healthcare where Artificial Intelligence is adding value. Here’s how – 


There are certain sectors where speed proves to be more helpful than healthcare itself. For example, in a stroke detection platform, saving every minute is equivalent to saving 1.9 million brain cells of the patient. The deep learning algorithms used in such platforms are often capable of saving several minutes per patient – thereby saving several hours “of the brain”.


As said earlier, the cost of healthcare continues to swell, making cost-saving another major driver for the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. In most cases, AI implements automation in healthcare to save costs. For example, instead of taking down notes while talking to the patient, doctors can now focus on patients and let a digital assistant take down the notes.

There are other instances where machine learning and computer vision can help identify morphology and characterize cell types from a tiny finger prick of blood. This sample is used to determine the necessary therapeutics for a patient.


Certain tasks might seem to be tedious or boring to humans. It is in those areas where accuracy matters. The inclusion of AI in healthcare has undoubtedly increased the level of accuracy to a great extent. While inspecting a result, AI separates a signal from noise to improve decision accuracy.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on healthcare will only get better with time. With technology reaching new extents every day, people can surely hope for an improved AI-healthcare bundled package in the future.

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