Few Things to Learn from Astronauts – The Isolation Experts

HBI Blog / Few Things to Learn from Astronauts – The Isolation Experts

Challenges and problems are common when in isolation or confinement. Dealing with such problems is not an easy task. In the current scenario, when most people have been forced into isolation, it might be worth learning a thing or two from the people who chose to live their life amidst isolation.

With great power comes greater responsibilities. Therefore, no matter how glorifying it might sound, being an astronaut is not an easy task. Isolation and confinement are perhaps the biggest challenges for the star sailors. Often, they need to spend months in isolation in space. Let’s take a look and learn from them on how to cope up with the isolation traumas.


It is considered the most vital part of well-being during the isolation period. Before flying, astronauts need to go through self-management modules to ensure appropriate effectiveness when in space. Various skills like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and Tai Chi help them alleviate the health impacts of being in the space.

Writing down the day-to-day activities or journaling is helpful too.

Escaping the Monotony

Monotony is another major challenge that isolation poses. This is why astronauts talk within themselves about celebration. Besides, they spend a great time talking over food along with other astronauts.

While you cannot invite your friends over for dinner during isolation, you can always enjoy being with your family and talking to them at the dinner table. If you are away from your family, this is the time to make the most out of the smart devices with you.


Like said before, this is the time to make the most out of technology. Astronauts arrange private family conferences regularly to talk to their loved ones, and so can you. However, just like they do, you need to manage your expectations too. There might be a day or two when you might not get in touch with your family for some reason. Manage your expectations for those days because the next day is a new day.

Astronauts have been doing regularly what we all have done for a few months in the last year. However, the silver line is that we might have prepared ourselves for anything worse. Let’s hope that we do not need to execute our learnings anytime soon or ever.

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