Flu and Flu Shot: Symptoms | Side Effects | Effectiveness – All You Need to Know

HBI Blog / Flu and Flu Shot: Symptoms | Side Effects | Effectiveness – All You Need to Know

Flu is a common disease. Every year, during winter, millions of people suffer from this disease. Flu, or influenza, is caused by highly contagious viruses. Though the disease posses a minor threat among healthy and young people, it can prove to be serious among senior citizens. The flu shot is the best way to prevent the disease, rather than being treated.

The symptoms of flu last for about a week or two. However, during this time, the virus makes the human body weak, thus making it vulnerable to other diseases like pneumonia. Flu is a highly contagious disease, and the virus is known to survive on any surface for hours. Sneezes and coughs of an affected person can easily spread the virus. Therefore, maintain basic hygiene, and try to stay away from someone who is sick.

How is FLU different from COLD?

Flu and cold share similar symptoms. However, certain traits can differentiate them. While the normal cold is usually mild, the symptoms of flu include chills, fever, dry coughs, fatigue, headache, aches, and pain in the joints.

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How does FLU Shot help?

Medical science believes in the fact that “Prevention is better than Cure”. The best way to prevent being sick from the flu is by getting an annual flu shot or Seasonal Flu Shot vaccine. This shot does not guarantee that you’ll not be affected but decreases the chances of getting affected by the virus.

The time between November-April is known as “flu season”. The shot effects start working in two weeks. Therefore, try taking the shot in October or early November. Though there are no side effects of flu shot, you should inform the doctor about any existing allergies or conditions before taking the shot.

Is there a TREATMENT?

In case you are affected with FLU, visit your physician as soon as possible to get treated. Antiviral drugs work magic in such cases. However, along with the medication, ample rest is mandatory. Try getting as much juice or water possible into the body. Like said before, flu is not a dangerous disease if you take certain precautions.

Therefore, stop waiting to be treated, and get your flu shot or influenza vaccine in due time to minimize the chances of getting affected with flu.

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