Hazards of Domestic Plastic

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Domestic Plastic

Mankind is surrounded by plastics. From fast food to water bottles plastic dictates the world. 

According to a recent study toxic compounds called phthalates found in household plastic can result in Uterine Fibroids. Women who have Uterine Fibroids may experience uncontrollable bleeding and infertility.

Threats Of Phthalates 

Researchers found substantially greater levels of the phthalate DEHP and its breakdown products (MEHHP) in the urine of women who also had symptomatic uterine fibroid tumors.

Despite the consequences of DEHP’s use being questioned, it is still widely utilized in the US. It gradually dissipates into the air and dust before landing on different surfaces.

How to reduce exposure to Domestic Plastic & Phthalates?

Here are a few ways one can limit exposure to Phthalates.

  • By using personal care products that are Phthalates-free.
  • Avoiding heating food in plastics.
  • Staying away from plastic bottles and food packaging.
  • Limiting the use of PVC products.

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