HBI Month in Review. October is Self-Pay Month

HBI Blog / HBI Month in Review. October is Self-Pay Month

This October has been a busy month for Health Beyond Insurance. As always, we are searching high and low to find cash providers to add to our ranks. We welcomed many self-pay patients and cash patients with open arms. We are working every day to ensure that each and every one of you gets the services you need at an affordable price.

 October 2015

 Blog Rundown

5th – Self-Pay Patient: Elective Procedures & Loving Yourself

A glimpse into elective and cosmetic procedures. What your insurance company has to say about them.

11th – Self-Pay Patient: Bracing Yourself for Braces

The surprising cost of braces. What insurance might or might not cover, and what you can do about it.

15th – Out of Pocket Shouldn’t Mean Out of Luck

A quick look at exactly how the patient’s health care dollar is broken down, and where every penny goes.

20th – Cash Chiropractors: Is It Time To Turn Back?

A look at the trend of chiropractors turning away from insurance and the problems it brings, and new terms that news is brought to the medical community.

26th – Insurance Delays – You Have Better Things To Do

A look at the many things that happen because of insurance delays, and some of the consequences that need to be seriously considered.

Special Reports

The Health Beyond Insurance Patient Difference

An introduction to HBI and how we plan to make your healthcare dollar go farther.

Provider Difference – Health Beyond Insurance

A welcome to new providers, ensuring you that we understand your problems, and detailing what solutions we offer.


HBI October 2015 Bonuses

HBI wants to add just a little bit extra to your ability to take control of your health care or your practice, beyond our one of a kind healthcare portal. To make that happen, we have decided that in each monthly review, we will include little bits of information that might not be enough to make a whole blog, but that might help our readers in some small way.

Our goal is to give you just one more reason to feel confident as you join HBI to bring freedom and choice back to health care. We will be including definitions of common words and phrases you might run into in our blogs and other medically connected services, as well as  news stories, interesting links, factoids, or how-to’s on a variety of healthcare-related topics. So let’s get started!


Definition – a Self-Pay Patient or a cash patient is a patient that pays for medical or health related services with cash (credit card, checks etc.) instead of using insurance.

Factoid – According to some estimates, 45% of your health care costs are administration and government fees, most of which is directly related to the cost of making insurance claims.

Don’t Forget! – The 2016 open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace starts November 1st. Insurance can be extremely important, even if you are dedicated to the self-pay patient and cash patient revolution!

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