Health-Tech Predictions for 2021

HBI Blog / Health-Tech Predictions for 2021

We say, a new year comes with new hope. But we have not meant it like this year ever. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual health and digital healthcare by at least three years.

The healthcare industry has fast-forwarded in several areas including telehealth, artificial intelligence, and remote monitoring to offer patients peace of mind. Here are our predictions for health technologies set to rule the next year:


Virtual care will expand… but with risks

There is no denying the fact that virtual care will be growing more than ever in the upcoming years, more given the current pandemic situation. However, healthcare experts also predict that 2021 will see the first COVID-19 related medical malpractice suits.

2021 welcomes machine learning and artificial intelligence

The industry is familiar with the advancement in AI, which is more likely to increase in the next year. Besides, healthcare will also start reaping the benefits of machine learning in highly scalable solutions.

It’s time for the cloud!

More and more companies are starting to re-evaluate their costs regarding IT infrastructure and finding it efficient to switch to cloud-based systems. Cloud-based systems can offer a better approach to telehealth and care coordination by enabling providers to access patient data anywhere.

Walmart to revamp healthcare (so will Amazon and Alphabet)

85 percent of the Americans live within a 15-minute drive radius to a Walmart, which has led to the company to redesign their healthcare system. It will only improve with time. Amazon and Alphabet are in the race too. With reliable, low-cost healthcare, people are set to welcome a quick medical check-up, or get their prescription drugs while browsing through the aisles.

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