Healthcare & Technology: Few Predictions for 2021

HBI Blog / Healthcare & Technology: Few Predictions for 2021

We all know how frustrating last year was. But, would you believe if you heard COVID-19 did some good too?

No way…

COVID-19 did it in a few months which entrepreneurs, activists, and doctors could not accomplish in years: design a healthcare system that actually thinks, cares, and works for the patients instead health insurance companies.

Healthcare & Technology

Before that, the term “patient-centered” was only heard, never realized.

Technology Being the Secret Sauce

While COVID stole the limelight for making healthcare “patient-centered”, it was technology that made it possible. In 2021, healthcare will be mostly based on technology. Here are some predictions for this year:

It is worth saying that though it feels like COVID has taken us back to 2010, seeing what technology has done for healthcare in these few months, it sure feels like 2030.

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