High Demand for Plastic-Surgery Amidst COVID-19

HBI Blog / High Demand for Plastic-Surgery Amidst COVID-19

Who would have thought of it this way? Seeing our faces on the video screens all the time during this pandemic has made us point out the areas of improvement. Luckily, we can recover at home after a cosmetic procedure(plastic surgery).

Plastic Surgery

This has led to a high demand of plastic surgery among people of all ages. Plastic surgeons have reported around 20 percent more appointments than that of last year. According to experts, more patients are opting for treatments like injectables more than ever.

With virtual office being normal, and Zoom meetings taking place almost every day, people are regularly looking at their reflection more than before.

As a result, facial plastic surgery procedures like fat transfer/face-lift witnessed around 188 percent rise, while rhinoplasties had around 78 percent more patients.

Besides, experts also pointed towards the fact that “acne” and “hair loss” were the two terms trending in Google search during the pandemic.

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