High Insurance Deductible and the Affordable Care Act

HBI Blog / High Insurance Deductible and the Affordable Care Act

Again, in this year of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the shortened period of enrollment has just passed, and many are left wondering if they made the right choices, if they could have gotten better coverage, or if they might just have made a huge mistake with a high insurance deductible.

The Ever-Changing Face of Health Care

Health care processes change every day, new drugs hit the market, and revolutionary procedures offer bright new alternatives that can save lives. However, the ACA locks down your choices for a year at a time, behind confusing decisions, unknown doctors, and insurance companies.

Many leading prescriptions may not be included in some of those insurance plans, along with what should be the essential services of psychiatry and nutrition, but how can you tell that before you join up? How will you know if you are getting the best care versus only what your insurance will pay for? These are hard questions that need answers, but there does not seem to be any easy ones to find.

High Insurance Deductible = Less Care?

Many American’s are being forced to choose high-deductible (high insurance deductible) plans to get their monthly prices low enough that they can afford. Unfortunately, that means those same Americans are not going to see their doctors or fill their regular prescriptions since they can’t afford the insurance company enforced price after paying their premiums and living day to day.

How can it be that so many are crowing about how insured the US is becoming, how so many more people have insurance when the reality has become that they are getting less care because of that insurance, not more. This year, the already high insurance deductible is going up more, approximately 20% for the average American, adding hundreds of dollars more to what each person has to pay before their insurance offers them any help. The latest estimates have the average deductible reaching about $1500 this year,

Being a Self-pay patient May Be the Answer

Health Beyond Insurance has dedicated themselves to finding ways to return great health care to the patients, and freeing providers from corporate leashes to offer the amazing care that they became doctors to give. We do this by offering a free service that connects cash doctors and other cash friend health care providers with self-pay patients and cash patients, quickly and easily for both of them.

We believe that a fair price for excellent care is the only way to ensure that you and your family are truly healthy, every single day. And we do not believe that alternative medicine should be scoffed at when it works for so many.
We invite patients and doctors to join us today, and finally, create the medical community America wants and needs. Real doctors, offering real care, at reasonable prices. Real patients, receiving excellent care, exactly when they need it. That is the world we all want to exist in.

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