HIV/AIDS (World AIDS Day 2020): Let’s Bust the Myths

HBI Blog / HIV/AIDS (World AIDS Day 2020): Let’s Bust the Myths

Every year, December 1 is observed as World AIDS day throughout the world. Approximately 38 million people are living with HIV/AIDS.

The management of HIV has seen significant improvements, though there is still a lot misinformation circling around.

AIDS day

Let’s bust some of the myths about HIV/AIDS

HIV is a death sentence

NO, it isn’t. With proper treatment and management people with HIV live and enjoy a normal life span.

It is possible to tell if one has HIV/AIDS by looking at them

The symptoms are quite general like fever and fatigue, making it next to impossible to identify such a person with only a look. So, NO – it is not possible to tell if one has HIV by looking at them.

Straight people need not worry about HIV infection

Though HIV is more prevalent among men having male sexual partners, heterosexuals account for around 26 percent of HIV infections as of 2016.

What about fertility

With properly and early ART treatment along with proper management, a female with positive HIV, can have a baby with as low and 1% chance of HIV transmission. Other precautions taken are C-Section

HIV leads to AIDS

HIV is the name of the infection that causes AIDS. But it is not necessary for all HIV-positive individuals to develop AIDS. With current therapies, one can easily prevent AIDS even after being HIV-positive.

PrEP does not mean you stop using condoms

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) can prevent HIV infection if taken daily. However, PrEP does not protect against other STDs.

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