How COVID-19 is Triggering Innovation in the Healthcare Market

HBI Blog / How COVID-19 is Triggering Innovation in the Healthcare Market

The rapid increase in COVID-19 cases has forced healthcare providers to adapt to new ways for patient testing and other healthcare aspects. Amidst the crisis the pandemic has created, there’s also a silver lining. Implementation of technology has been on massive growth, and telemedicine has gained massive popularity among people throughout the country.

How COVID-19 is Triggering Innovation in the Healthcare Market

The healthcare industry has brought about certain innovative procedures to make healthcare as easily available as possible:

New Methods for Testing

Numerous rapid testing sites have opened throughout the country. Several hospitals and retail clinics have also made arrangements for drive-through testing areas for maximum convenience. Apart from testing, most of these sites are also functioning as retail pharmacies and urgent care centers.

Affordability and convenience are the two things most people are looking for duringthe pandemic while using healthcare services. The above sites are conveniently placed all over the US and are affordable too. Moreover, these sites are maintaining safety protocols like low-touch alternatives to contain the spread of the virus.

Open-source Data Hubs for the Healthcare Industry

Open-source data hubs have played a vital role in addressing population health risks during the pandemic. Starting in March 2020, several companies have started providing free dashboards for tracking the spread of the virus along with hospital bed capacity. From severe risk mapping to tracking confirmed cases on both state and global levels, the dashboards proved to be quite useful.

With time, the dashboards turned into predictors and started forecasting the total number of COVID-19 tests, the total positive tests, hospitalization rates, cases referred to ICU, number of ventilators available, and many more. Several organizations like Google and the New York Times have been providing such dashboards.

Management of Supply Chain

Several manufacturers have modified their production lines to meet the initial shortage of multiple medical supplies like ventilators, PPE kits, and others. This initiative has helped the manufacturers avoid closures or layoffs while helping the healthcare system meet the shortages of supplies.

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