How Health Beyond Insurance Can Help You Find The Care You Deserve

HBI Blog / How Health Beyond Insurance Can Help You Find The Care You Deserve
Health Beyond Insurance

At Health Beyond Insurance we know that your health is your most precious possession. We also know that there are going to be times in everyone’s lives where it’s going to be essential to seek out professional help – be it from doctors, dentists, surgeons, or mental health specialists – and we want to make sure everyone can find the care they deserve.

We also know that finding health care, and understanding the process can be daunting.

Health insurance deductibles, increasing out-of-pocket costs, limited coverage, pe-auth time restrictions, and loss of coverage are some of the reasons that many American’s delay seeking care or avoid it all together.

We want to change that and this is how we make are already making it easier for every day Americans to find the care they deserve:

  1. Transparent Prices For The Care You Need: We believe that the cost of care shouldn’t come as a surprise to patients and we proud ourselves on providing a marketplace where service providers can list the true cost of their services.
  2. Find the Care You Need: Health Beyond Insurance is one of America’s fastest organically growing healthcare market places with over 1,500 providers listing thousands of unique services at reduced prices.
  3. Unparalleled customer service: Our dedicated teams of patient coordinators are here to serve you every day with the goal of connecting patients to the best care around.
  4. A Platform that’s free and easy to use: The Health Beyond Insurance online platform is free to use for all patient’s and easy to use. Just search for the service you need and you’ll find a list of providers in your area that are ready to help. All contact information is clearly listed making contact easy and convenient.

We all want the best healthcare we can afford. HBI works hard to ensure this, and we are constantly coming up with new ways for us to save money on our prescriptions or even just get a physical.

Meta: Find the best health care for you at Health Beyond Insurance, the nation’s fastest-growing marketplace for transparent healthcare pricing. Get started today!

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