How Physiotherapists can Increase Patient Flow

HBI Blog / How Physiotherapists can Increase Patient Flow

Managing the flow of patients is one of the most daunting tasks of physiotherapists. While the last few months have been not so good for business, physiotherapy clinics are slowly opening up, and people are gradually starting to visit them with appropriate restrictions.


However, in such a scenario, you need to maintain a few protocols in the clinic that will not only help you implement social distancing but also will attract more patients. Let’s take a look at them:

Consider Changing the Layout

Imagine if patients come in through the front door and wait at the lobby after being greeted. They can fill out the paperwork while sitting, and once they are done, you or the other physiotherapists working with you can bring the patients from the waiting area to the exam room. Once you have finished examining the patient, let them out through a separate exit gate at the rear of the office.

The above scenario will simplify the entire process and will also eliminate any chances of gathering, as a patient will not need to visit the same area twice.

Usage of Mobile Technology

The lobby and waiting area can fill up easily with patients trying to complete the paperwork. Therefore, instead of providing them with actual papers to fill, e-forms would be a great idea. Most people can fill a form on their phone or tablet more easily than that on paper. Also, provide them with a patient portal so that they can schedule an appointment or can communicate in case of any need.

Time Management is a Must

Imagine if you are 10 minutes late to the clinic and then find it filled with patients. To avoid such a scenario it is important to teach your staff time management. You should try your best to stay on top of delays. In case you are late, ask your staff to notify the patients about the delay. Meanwhile, they can start the preliminary procedure.

Implementing the above protocols at a physiotherapy clinic will let the patients know how serious you are about your work, and will bear great results in a short period.

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