How to Get Emergency Dental Care without Insurance?

HBI Blog / How to Get Emergency Dental Care without Insurance?

A recent survey by the American Dental Association showed that every 15 seconds, a patient comes with a dental emergency to the Emergency Room. As per the study, more than 79 percent of those emergencies could have been avoided by visiting a dentist. Emergency rooms, in most cases, provide care for infections and medications for pain management. If you are lucky enough to find an ER with a dentist, you might get a diseased tooth extracted. But, ER does not fix dental problems.

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The following facts are excerpts from researches carried out by the ADA –

  • Around 29 percent of adults have reported that the condition of their teeth and mouth affects their ability to interview to get a job.
  • Two or more out of five adults find it difficult to biting and chewing their food due to their mouth and teeth condition.
  • One in every four people has reduced participation in various social activities just because of their oral issues.
  • Cost is the topmost reason for not visiting a dentist. This is prevalent among people of all ages and income groups, which include people with dental insurance.

How & Where to Get Affordable Dental Care?

When it comes to affordability, dental insurance is not the answer people are searching for. Around 70 percent of adults pay more for their dental insurance premiums and co-payments than the actual cost of their dental care. Below are the 3 places where you can get affordable dental care, even during an emergency:

Dental Schools: Most local dental schools offer preventive dental care through supervised students for free or at heavily discounted prices.

Free Health Centers & Clinics: Based on your ability to pay for dental care, certain community programs offer discounted or free services.

Dental Savings Plan: This is the most affordable and best alternative to dental insurance. You can save anywhere between 10-60 percent with a dental savings plan. No paperwork, no limit on annual spending, and no pre-authorization are some of the great benefits that come with a dental savings plan.

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