How to Retain Your Smile After 50

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Almost all of us are familiar with the drill of having good oral health – brush twice a day, floss once, visit the dentist at regular intervals, and avoid alcohol, smoking, and foods with high sugar content. But once you have reached 50, you need to take extra care of your body and oral health. This is the time when people should be concerned about tooth loss, decay, oral infections, oral cancer, and gum diseases.

However, the chances of the above problems can be reduced significantly with some simple and effective tips. Let’s have a look at them:

The Right Toothbrush

Many people are unaware of the fact that good oral health is partially dependable on your toothbrush, especially if you have crossed 50. The gum lines tend to shrink with age. It is best advisable to go for an electric toothbrush and an appropriate flossing kit. If you are a big fan of a manual toothbrush, go for the ones with fine and soft bristles.

Never Miss Dentist Appointments

If you are younger, it is fine if you have missed an appointment with your dentist. However, the same thing might prove to be harmful if you are a bit older. Therefore, never miss your appointment with the dentist. With age, the nerves in the teeth lose sensitivity, which makes cavities harder to find. It is only possible through a check-up to find such problems and treat them.

Carry a List of Medications

Certain medications might cause a condition called “dry mouth”, which is responsible for tooth decay. “Dry mouth” can occur from several medications for allergies to blood pressure.

Certain medications can inflame the gums and leave you exposed to periodontal disease. Therefore, do not forget to carry the list of medications you are currently taking while visiting a dentist.

Look for Signs of Gum Disease

Exposure to gum diseases increases with your age. Therefore, stay alert and lookout for any signs of gum diseases. Irritated gums, bleeding gums, and more tooth exposure are some of the common signs of gum diseases settling in. If left untreated, such things can result in periodontal disease.

Lastly, take good care of your teeth. Several homemade remedies can cure minor oral health problems and can help you retain your smile irrespective of age.

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