Impact of Integrated Health Systems in U.S.

HBI Blog / Impact of Integrated Health Systems in U.S.

Health care delivery in the United States is a matter of concern to many. It is not only complex but also problematic – costly, short on quality, and inequitable.

However, a team of researchers might have found a remedy to the problem.

Integrated Health Systems

They have found a potential remedy in integrated health systems, a type of organization that witnessed significant growth in recent years and often includes hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

According to the researchers, this health systems might be able to offer patients smooth hand-offs and seamless navigation while bringing opportunities to improve quality while reducing administrative burdens for clinicians.

In a recent issue of Health Services Research, 10 peer-reviewed journal articles examine the health systems from various perspectives including costs, quality, and efforts to reorganize the care delivery system.

Collectively, the findings reveal that the current form cannot cure the problems to the healthcare system in the U.S. However, integrated health systems can reduce them to a great extent.

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