Is Fungus responsible for Tumors?

HBI Blog / Is Fungus responsible for Tumors?

We all know that these microorganisms exist everywhere. From molding breads to eat away our plants. But we didn’t know, until recently, that these fungi also found in many tumors.

Researchers discovered fungi lurking in tumors of different kinds of cancers, including breast, colon, lung, and pancreatic cancers. But what raises the biggest question is that if these fungi cells play any role in cancer.

What we know about fungi and tumors

Very interestingly, not all tumor cells had traces of fungi in them. Those that did, had them in low abundance. Also, not every type of cancer was associated with fungi in their tumors. Each cancer type is associated with its unique collection of fungi species, this included harmless fungi as well as disease-causing ones. 

A possible threat

It remains a question, if these microbes by any means, are responsible for making things worse. But researchers have observed certain hints where it does pose a threat to making cancer worse.

One such example would be a breast cancer patient with the fungus Malassezia globosa in the tumors showed a worse survival rate than a patient who did not have this fungus in their tumor. 

Despite these preliminary indications, neither study can conclusively state whether fungus causes these unfavorable outcomes or is cancer, that just fosters an environment in which these fungi can flourish.

Additionally, the research does not examine whether fungi can promote the growth of cancer by inducing healthy cells to become malignant.

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