Italy Worst-Affected in Europe Virus Death Toll: AFP

HBI Blog / Italy Worst-Affected in Europe Virus Death Toll: AFP

According to an AFP tally, Italy on Saturday became the country with the highest virus death toll in Europe. The new total is 64,036 deaths, outnumbering Britain.

The Italian health ministry reported that 649 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the past 24 hours and 19,903 new cases were diagnosed.

Virus Death Toll

Worldwide (virus death toll), the United States has taken the heaviest blow with 295,539 deaths as of Saturday, followed by Brazil, India, and Mexico.

As of Europe, Italy is flowed by Britain (64,026), France (57,567), and Spain (47,624).

Italy was the first European country to suffer waves of infection earlier this year, forcing them to impose a nationwide lockdown.

Despite mass testing, the cases began rising again in early autumn, and deaths followed inevitably.

The national medical association of Italy reported on Friday that a total of 251 doctors have died from the virus.

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