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Red Blood Cell

The saga of lab-grown components of the human body continues. This time it is lab-grown red blood cells (RBC).

Red blood cells generated in a lab have been transfused into humans for the first time. This opened the door to potentially groundbreaking therapies for individuals with uncommon blood types or blood disorders like sickle cell disease.

Manufacturing Red Blood Cell

In the scientific trial, two volunteers received the same amount of lab-grown blood of about 1 to 2 tablespoons. These red blood cells were produced using the donor’s stem cells.

The trial’s objective is to assess if the standard red blood cells from the same donor outlive the lab-grown cells in terms of lifespan.

What can we expect?

Officials stated that regardless of the results of the ongoing research, there would always be a need for frequent blood donations. 

This study also offers genuine hope for patients with sickle cell anemia who have developed antibodies to the majority of donor blood types and are difficult to transfuse.

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