LASIK Eye Surgery – 3 Reasons to Consider It

HBI Blog / LASIK Eye Surgery – 3 Reasons to Consider It

Believe it or not, people, who wear glasses or contact lenses, often wish that they could see the world through their own eyes. Sometimes they fall asleep with their lenses on, and the next morning they start worrying about infection or injury. Many such people are fed up with having dents (that are quite painful) on the bridge of their nose. They cannot even enjoy all outdoor activities and have to think twice(about where to keep the glasses) before taking a shower. Well, LASIK eye surgery can act as a permanent solution to all these problems.

LASIK surgery is no more a complicated process. With the advancement in medical science, this surgery has become more sophisticated than ever and is easy, fast, and safe. Making 20/20 vision a top priority is no more a matter of dream and can be easily achieved.

LASIK eye surgery, HBI

Here are some of the reasons to consider LASIK eye surgery-

It’s FASTER than you think

Eye Surgeons use cool laser beams to reshape the cornea of a patient. It corrects the errors that are the reasons for your reduced eyesight. This surgery can correct both your eyes within 15 minutes. Yes, it’s that fast. The entire process takes about an hour. The rest of the time allows the surgeon to verify the corneal flaps. Within 24 hours, you’ll be ready to drive and can join work in a day or two.

Yes, it is PAINLESS!!

Several patients are surprised to hear this fact. Few drops of eye-numbing anesthetic solution are used before surgery. A hint of pressure is quite common, but no discomfort is there. In case of minor irritation after surgery, eye-drops with a night of good sleep can work magic.

Really SAFE

LASIK technology has witnessed immense improvement over the past few years, putting the risk of complications at a record low. With a success rate of more than 90% (for 20/20 vision), and around 99% (for 20/40 vision), there is no reason for you to worry about safety.

Now, imagine how much money you have to spend in a year for glasses or lenses. In comparison, LASIK eye surgery is affordable. So, stop worrying, book an appointment with a specialist surgeon today, and view the world with your own eyes.

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