Less Toxic Drug Delivery – Thank You Fruit!!

HBI Blog / Less Toxic Drug Delivery – Thank You Fruit!!

Drug delivery might become less toxic, thanks to the researchers at the University of Louisville. They have found the way to deliver medicine in a less toxic way by using the natural lipids in plants, particularly ginger and grapefruit.

less toxic drug

The UofL technologies have been using exosomes – tiny fragments of living, edible plant cells to transport multiple therapeutic agents that include anti-cancer drugs, DNA/RNA, and several antibodies. These exosomes ensure that the body properly absorbs the less toxic drug.

The current practice, where nanoparticles or liposomes made of synthetic materials are used to deliver the drugs, are known to have many side effects including chronic inflammation and cell toxicity. Exosomes, on the other hand, have no synthetic formulation or side effects.

“These technologies could make a real difference in drug delivery, improving access and costs while reducing side effects, ” said Guillame Pfefer, CEO of Senda Biosciences. “We look forward to working with UofL to further develop these innovations (Less Toxic Drug) and get them to market.”

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