Lucid Dying during Close Calls

HBI Blog / Lucid Dying during Close Calls
Lucid Dying

People escaping close calls is long talked about. They often describe it as if they were seeing people try to save them by the means of CPR while feeling like they were gazing down on themselves.

A very interesting new study that is yet to be published, has revealed similar information.

What is Lucid Dying?

Researchers discovered that 20% of patients remembered having lucid experiences when they were dying or unconscious. They called it Lucid Dying.

Lucid Dying cannot be viewed as a trick of a damaged or dying brain. But rather as an exceptional human experience.

One of the experiences was feeling cut off from the body. Many claimed to have no pain or suffering when witnessing incidents. The period also includes a profound assessment of life.

Consciousness & Beyond

The sense of self and consciousness doesn’t volatiles completely after death. This is very similar to other biological body processes.

Many of the brain’s natural braking mechanisms are released at death in a process referred to as disinhibition. One gets access to the depths of their awareness, including memories from their youth and additional parts of reality.

Then. are we still conscious even after death? Well, we might just have to wait for that answer.

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