Mask Mouth – The Problem & Its Remedy

HBI Blog / Mask Mouth – The Problem & Its Remedy

“Mask Mouth” and “COVID Cavities” are some of the latest oral problems people are facing due to the pandemic. In recent times, people are wearing masks for an extended period of time. It limits the flow of air and often results in tooth decay, receding gum lines, and sour breath. Though it sounds like a simple oral problem, such conditions might lead to more serious issues.

Mask Mouth

Therefore, while using protection, try to abide by the following tips to get rid of such conditions:

Appropriate Hydration

Yes, it is not possible to drink water while wearing a mask and opening it will increase the chance of being affected by the virus. Therefore, whenever you are in a safe or private place, remember to get your fluids. The idea is to keep your body and mouth hydrated for as long as possible. Sugarless chewing gum can help hydrate your mouth. If you are suffering from dry mouth, consult a dentist.

Breathe Through Nose, Not Mouth

Almost all of us have done this mistake. Whenever people feel suffocated, they try to breathe air through their mouths. This should be avoided. Take a slow and deep breath through the nose while wearing a mask. Breathing through the mouth makes it dry and makes it prone to dehydration problems.

Clean Your Mouth Often

Keeping the mouth clean plays an important part in maintaining good oral health. Apart from the regular brush and floss routine, try to clean your mouth with lukewarm salt-water once or twice a day. Also, keep your tongue clean.

Visit the Dentist

It might sound scary to visit a dentist amidst the pandemic. However, dentists are maintaining one of the best levels of hygiene in the clinic while taking all possible precautions. Keeping your oral health under regular check-up will surely decrease the chances of Mask Mouth to a great extent.

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