MRI for $350: Insurance VS Self-pay patient

HBI Blog / MRI for $350: Insurance VS Self-pay patient

Health insurance companies, in some states are seeking to raise the premiums, in some cases as high as 54%. With these rising premiums, the only way to be able to afford the insurance you are required by law to have is to accept even higher deductibles. Once again, you will be forced to pay out of pocket for most of your care until you reach the deductible (Hence, the reason behind trending self-pay solution). Thousands of dollars you can either use towards the things you and your family need or for health care. We discuss this topic while comparing MRI test for an insurance VS self-pay patient.

Self-Pay Patient: MRI


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Health Beyond Insurance is an online platform that connects self pay patients/cash paying patients with health care providers to provide an easy access to cash medical practice. Our mission is to remove the barriers around health care by providing convenient access to health care services and pricing, making it more accessible to all.

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