No Need To Be Scared Of Needles Anymore

HBI Blog / No Need To Be Scared Of Needles Anymore

We all have had traumatizing experiences with needles at least once in our life. But soon a new technology might replace needles in medical labs.

With just one touch of the finger, researchers have created a brand-new technique to analyze blood composition. This is encouraging for the large number of individuals who are afraid of needles.

How does the New Technique work?

Researchers refer to the technology as a cryptographic bio-human-machine interface. This also measures blood oxygen levels and heart rate exactly like a pulse oximeter.

It is a hydrogel-coated chemical biosensor that gathers chemicals that are released through sweat. The biosensor examines these molecules to identify hormones, nutrients, drugs, and metabolites in a person’s blood.

Can needles be permanently replaced?

In the future, this technology might be used to track blood sugar. To prevent drunk drivers from the road, it might also be used for drug testing or to replace a breathalyzer.

This technology combines a fingerprint scan’s familiarity with recent developments in noninvasive diagnostics. It can identify trace compounds circulating in our bodies that are often detected in samples of blood, saliva, and other fluids.

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