Nosocomial Infections, Dangerous and Common

HBI Blog / Nosocomial Infections, Dangerous and Common

Nosocomial Infections are infections caught because of a health care visit or stay. It is estimated that 1 in every 25 patients this year will acquire a nosocomial infection of some sort, leading to the death of 99,000 of those patients. As a patient, you can greatly reduce the risk to you and your family with just a little information and a few simple steps.

Nosocomial Infections, Dangerous & Common

While infections are usually considered to be a danger with invasive procedures like surgeries, the most common is actually urinary tract infections caused by common procedures most people never consider.

The most dangerous nosocomial infections are lower respiratory infections, such as pneumonia from extended mechanical ventilation.

Another concern is the overuse of antibiotics. Because of this excessive use, many infections are becoming resistant to treatment, creating a situation that requires more care, a hospital stay, or a longer hospital stay. The most common and dangerous of this infection type is the well-known MRSA, a bacterial infection that will attack any part of the body.


There are several ways the patients, can prevent these infections and the enormous costs that are associated with them. There are numerous ways to help keep your family healthy, including diet and exercise, however, there are two essential things the patients can do for themselves and their families’ health.

The first, and most important, step is to ensure your family’s good health with regular visits to your health care providers, every time anyone gets ill. Many Americans put off going to their doctors for too long because of the cost, then end up paying even more when a simple problem becomes a very serious hospital stay. A self-pay patient does not have to worry about the high deductible, co-pay or premium increase, as he has control over his health care cost.

The second, and just as important, thing is to educate yourself on the use of antibiotics. Knowing when to take antibiotics, and following the prescription exactly, will help keep your body from creating the resistance that can make infections so hard to treat. For example, antibiotics do absolutely nothing for any type of viral issue, such as the common cold, and taking antibiotics for viral issues just makes you less responsive to medication when you have an infection.

How Health Beyond Insurance Can Help?

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