Opioid Withdrawal and Home Sensors

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Opioid Withdrawal

We are all familiar with our interactive smart home devices that can pretty much do anything with vocal instructions. This whole concept was revolutionized by the healthcare community into making a similar smart home sensor technology that’ll help detect signs of opioid withdrawal symptoms in opioid addicts who are trying to recover. It could also help curb opioid overdose in extreme cases.

Briefing of some opioid withdrawal symptoms

People trying to stop using highly addictive opioids sometimes lament disturbed sleep. Although methadone is excellent at reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, it is frequently prescribed once daily, and finding the right dosage might take some time. The danger of resuming opioid usage and accidental overdose rises as the results of therapies wear off throughout the night which brings back a strong urge of withdrawal symptoms.

How can this device help?

We know by now that disrupted sleep is a major withdrawal symptom, but this device was able to pick up reliable information on insomnia and overnight restlessness. Its accuracy is also something that can beat the conventional system present in the labs. In terms of sleep disturbance monitoring, researchers discovered that home sensors were approximately 89% accurate.

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