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Brush, floss and don’t forget the nanotech

If you only know New Mexico as a previous home for Heisenberg, AKA WW, AKA The Chemist of the last decade, we are about to knock (revolutionize) your teeth right out of your skull. 

Iron man (and women)

Remember these words: A remote-controlled, magnetic toothpaste + toothbrush that will inject a solution, full of nanotech (like you are a freakin iron man), right into your mouth, which will get to your every corner of your mouth to kill harmful bacteria and improve your oral health (mind blown). 

A team of dentists, Biotechs, biologists, scientists and other super nerds are working on nanotechnology-based oral healthcare products. These products, granted FDA don’t create any roadblocks, could be available in the market as early as 2027.

A Startup called MNT is working on bringing this product to the market and made a deal with University of Nex Mexico and University of Texas.

Other innovations in dentistry

While we wait to revolutionize our nightly routines, other tech is already helping dental care providers and patients.

  1. Teledentistry: A complete NO, NO pre-pandemic now is an acceptable form of oral exam using digital tools.
  2. VR in the dental office: Most patients are scared of the dental tools, especially the drilling and grinding noise. VR has helped to relax a patient while distracting them with a virtual tour of The Grand Canyon.
  3. We cannot mention VR without AI: According to a study conducted by Pearl, an artificial intelligence (AI) system performed better than most dentists in diagnoses of bitewing and periapical radiographs.

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