Oral Health Problems in Adults – Top 3 Causes

HBI Blog / Oral Health Problems in Adults – Top 3 Causes

Dental problems among adults are rising. Though most of them brush twice or more times daily and do not forget to floss once in a while, oral health problems seem to be inevitable to some. There are several reasons behind it. In this space, we will discuss the topmost reasons for growing oral health problems among adults and how they can be avoided easily.

Oral Health Problems in Adults - Top 3 Causes

Usage of Tobacco

Almost all of us are aware of the harmful effects of tobacco products. Smoking, chewing, and other uses of various tobacco products are the root cause of several oral diseases, including oral cancer and periodontal diseases.

Regular usage of tobacco also leaves a person exposed to gum problems, an increase in tooth decay, and decreased enamel. Besides, tobacco usage is also responsible for yellow teeth and bad breath.

We know that it is not easy to quit tobacco. However, abstaining from tobacco products will gift you with good oral health and heal your body.

Ignoring Gum Diseases & Minor Problems

It is important to learn that a bit of blood after brushing your teeth is not ok. Bloody, red, and swollen gums are signs of gum disease. Ignoring them at the initial point can lead to severe gum diseases.

Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that can be treated easily with improved brushing and flossing. If left untreated, gingivitis can transform into periodontitis.

Almost half of adults in the country suffer from one gum disease or another. However, if started early, gum disease treatments are quite effective.

Consumption of Soda

Soda coats our mouth and reacts with several common bacteria. These bacteria release an acid that attacks the enamel of the teeth. While the enamel starts wearing away, cavity forms.

Iced tea, energy drinks, and sports drinks have similar effects. It is an ideal solution to eliminate such drinks. If not possible, try sipping them with a straw to minimize the effect. Also, after consumption, wait for around 20 minutes and then brush your teeth. It prevents the soda residue from scratching the enamel.

Now you are aware of the potential dangers to your teeth and the ways to avoid them. Keep in touch with your dentist and opt for a checkup at regular intervals to get good oral health and prevent diseases from harming your smile.

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