Overcoming Needle Fear During Vaccination: Few Steps to Help Your Kids

HBI Blog / Overcoming Needle Fear During Vaccination: Few Steps to Help Your Kids

Taking your kids for vaccination is no less than a secret mission due to needle fear. You need to keep it a secret until your kid is right at the vaccination room, make all efforts to make the mission successful, and ensure no casualties afterward. A study shows that 24 percent of parents and around 63 percent of kids fear the needle. One out of 12 children says that they did not get all the vaccinations just because of this phobia.

The following steps can help you eliminate, or reduce your kid’s fear of needles to a great extent, and help you in the way.


Keep the mission secret no more. Start discussing all vaccinations and why it is necessary with your kids a couple of weeks before the date. Resistance is normal, and you should be ready to accept it. Let them know that even adults are not fond of vaccination, but it is necessary.

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Be Honest and Transparent

While you prepare your kids for the vaccination, expect several questions from them. Be as honest and transparent with them as possible for overcoming needle fear. Tell them that it will hurt, but only for less than 30 seconds – probably less time than what it takes for them to run a lap around the house, or speak the alphabet.

Make Their Choice Count

Instead of rushing with them to the doctor before or after your office, ask them if they would like to get the vaccination in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Most of the vaccines are administered on the upper arm or the outside of the thigh. Ask your kids where they would like to get the vaccination. This will keep them at ease during the process.

No Bribes or Distractions

It is great to take the kids out for a sundae after the vaccination. However, do not make them feel like it is a bribe like if you do not scream or remain calm during the vaccination, you will get ice cream afterward. This will paint a wrong picture of the process in their mind to overcome needle fear.

Though distractions are common during the vaccination, it might leave the child wondering what was going on so bad that they needed to be distracted and were not allowed to watch what’s going on. Therefore, go for distractions if it is necessary. Otherwise, let them watch.

Finally, forget the first line that you read. NEVER consider this as a mission, let alone a secret one. It is a necessity, and you can help your kids understand that.

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