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High Insurance Deductible and the Affordable Care Act

Again, in this year of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the shortened period of enrollment has just passed, and many are left wondering if they made the right choices, if they could have gotten better coverage, or if they might just have made a huge mistake with a high insurance deductible. The Ever-Changing Face of […]

Whole Grains and The Self-Pay Patients

When it comes to nutrition, the only thing more confusing than the meat controversy is the story on grains. What are grains and whole grains, how do they fit into nutrition, and just how much are you being mislead by labels and buzz words? To clear up all that confusion and send you to the […]

The Nutritionists and The Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone buys their own food. No matter how good their insurance plan is, it doesn’t include a meal plan or even a healthy eating guide. That means everyone is a self-pay patient or a cash patient when it comes to nutrition, making it one of the great levelers in health care. Understanding nutrition and healthy […]

Cash Patients and Self-pay Patients – December Summary

December is one of those months when people often forget about anything that is not Holidays related, unless absolutely critical. No one wants to deal with the possible ugliness of healthcare, especially not the stress that is often related with finding and comparing providers to ensure the best care possible at an affordable price. There […]

The Mystery of Radiology

Radiology is a mysterious part of the healthcare landscape. Most people understand the most basic idea, to capture images inside the body so as to avoid cutting it open in order to diagnose problems and disease. However, such important facts as how it works, when it is really needed, how it is read, and why […]

Top 10 Factors That Affect Your Heart Health

In the United States, every year over 600,000 people die due to poor heart health. That is 1 death per minute. Every. Single. Minute! Heart disease is the leading cause of death, 1 death in every 4 deaths, in almost any bracket you wish to create. Even youth is no protection, which means your children […]

Anti Aging & Where The Patient Should Start

As one baby Boomer reaches age 50 every seven seconds, anti aging is becoming a big business. It is estimated that the anti aging industry will gross more than $291 billion by the end of 2015, with no signs of slowing down for decades to come. As the business grows, so does the confusion over […]

8 Reasons are Driving Patients to Become Cash Patients

Health insurance is essential. However, should you use your insurance or should you chose to become cash patients (self-pay patient)? This is becoming the question for those that currently have health insurance coverage of almost any kind. Understanding the reason behind this phenomenon may be essential to answering the question. Sometimes paying cash for health services might just be […]

Physical Therapy and Shrinking Insurance Coverage

As more and more people struggle with high costs, especially for health care, it is becoming evident how many services are being taken away by the new regulations. In the past few years, insurance companies seem to have become focused only on the least costly fix for a problem. Only the Problems, that have gotten […]

HBI Month in Review. October is Self-Pay Month

This October has been a busy month for Health Beyond Insurance. As always, we are searching high and low to find cash providers to add to our ranks. We welcomed many self-pay patients and cash patients with open arms. We are working every day to ensure that each and every one of you gets the services […]