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Social Media, A bubble of delusion

Social Media, one of the most life-changing discoveries of the 21st century, has made the world fit into our palms. A total of 4.6 billion people worldwide out of which 70% are North Americans are the daily user of social media. Every other person’s favorite activity on social media is to share and change the […]

The bridge between dreams & reality

Our sleep cycle has alternate phases of REM (rapid eye movement) & NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep (25% of total sleep) is characterized by side-to-side eye movement along with increased brain activity and the best part of it all, vivid dreams. A recent study conducted on a mouse suggests that eye movements during […]

A New Way to Treat Migraines

With more than 1 billion people experiencing throbbing headaches, Migraines have affected 1/7th  of the population. There might be a good news for people experiencing chronic migraines. According to a new study, which involves the use of medical cannabis as a treatment for migraines.  Primarily, it is treated with painkillers. In some cases, the headaches are […]

The future of Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer has single-handedly pushed mankind through many revolutions. Although, we have progressed with great discoveries and inventions, search for the ultimate cure remains a struggle. In this journey of finding a treatment (and hopefully cure), one of the biggest challenges are to figure out the exact state of a cancer patient, without a scope of […]

Be Aware of The Blue Light

While technological advances have made our life easier, it has also brought upon us, some unexpected disadvantages. One of them is the blue light. Historically, the sun has been the only source of the blue light, but due to the explosion of personal screens and artificial lights, things seem to have worsened. Is it that […]

Smoking Damages the Heart Too

We’ve been made aware of how tobacco abuse, specifically smoking can damage our lungs, but what we didn’t know was how it can also damage the actual anatomy of the heart. A recent study showed exactly how smoking impacts a person’s blood vessels and weakens the heart structure. Smoking also doubles the risk of a […]

Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Stress Bite

Want to do LIFE better, sleep better. Sleep, like breathing, is an essential function that our bodies perform to support us during the awake hours. Although, unlike breathing, blinking and other autonomous functions, sleep requires an active effort to commence, but the impact of this activity supports all human functions. We’ve all had throbbing headaches […]

Select Your Physical Activity for Longevity

A recent study published in JAMA Network Open explains how certain physical activities can decrease the risk of early death from cardiovascular diseases and cancers helping you live a long, happy & comfortable life. In this research, the researchers followed participants for 12 years analyzing their health records for deaths from cancer, heart disease, or […]

Pharmacies are Flying Solo

The rising cost of prescriptions in the United States is no secret. This Pharma Bro showed just how easy it is to manipulate the price margins and make $$$$$ load.  Well, the actual pharma bros (pharmacists) and the business bros have taken the matter in their own hands. We are now seeing Cash Pharmacies (pharmacies that don’t take insurance and dispense […]