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Eye Contact Is Intimidating For Individuals With Autism 

Developmental impairment known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is brought on by variations in the brain. People with ASD frequently struggle with social contact and communication. Out of the many characteristics of Autism, reluctance to make eye contact stands out. Researchers now believe they understand where in the brain the tendency to avoid eye contact comes from. A Peep […]

Getting Health Information On Instagram?

Content Consumption has been the biggest source of entertainment and knowledge. This comes with the heap load of misinformation that is spread across social media platforms like Instagram. One in four popular Instagram posts about Hepatitis B was inaccurate. These posts were much more likely to come from accounts that were operating for profit or that were advertising goods […]

Allergens Love Smartphones 

That handy little device in your hands is probably making you sneeze repeatedly. Even a study found out smartphones are loaded with allergens like cat or dog allergens, bacteria, and fungi. Might as well give your smartphones frequent wipes after this one. Under the Microscope  To conduct the study, the researchers used 15 volunteers and phone simulators. Each participant […]

Beer Hops helps in Alzheimer’s now 

Next time you chug a can of beer, remember that it might protect you from Alzheimer’s. The beer hops that are used to flavor beer, give them that distinct bitterness. These hops have very unique health benefits.  According to recent studies, compounds derived from hop blossoms can prevent amyloid beta protein clumping, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Lab Grown Red Blood Cell

The saga of lab-grown components of the human body continues. This time it is lab-grown red blood cells (RBC). Red blood cells generated in a lab have been transfused into humans for the first time. This opened the door to potentially groundbreaking therapies for individuals with uncommon blood types or blood disorders like sickle cell disease. […]

Lucid Dying during Close Calls

People escaping close calls is long talked about. They often describe it as if they were seeing people try to save them by the means of CPR while feeling like they were gazing down on themselves. A very interesting new study that is yet to be published, has revealed similar information. What is Lucid Dying? Researchers discovered that 20% […]

We Are What We Eat

The saying “you are what you eat” is one that we have all heard. The food a person chooses to eat can have a significant impact on their general health. But it’s only recently that the importance of probiotics and fermented foods were recognized. Even a recent study says, adopting a diet rich in probiotics and fermented foods […]

When Gardening Turns Into Therapy

We adopted multiple ways to adapt to the lockdown lifestyle. One such way was gardening. This became a mechanism to cope with lockdown loneliness ad acted as an equivalent to therapy. Research has shown that therapeutic communal gardening reduced loneliness as the pandemic paralyzed the United Kingdom.  Therapeutic Gardening- A case study The project monitored individuals with mental […]

Crosswords or Video Games?

Crosswords or Video Games? Seems like an obvious choice that video games will always be preferred. But the wisest choice would be to pick crosswords. A recent study reveals crosswords have helped to slow down the memory degeneration in the elderly. This study followed a group of older adults with mild cognitive impairment. Crosswords Vs Video Games  […]

Chirping Birds & Mental Health

The chirping birds have always amused poets and artists. Now a newly released study reveals that birdsong is good for mental health. According to the study, hearing, seeing, and simply coming into contact with birds can lift both depressed individuals and the general population’s spirits. The Experiment  Using a smartphone app called Urban Mind, the study tracked roughly […]