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A new study has prompted the CDC to release new opiate drug guidelines because it directly links these prescriptions with the nation’s epidemic of drug abuse. As providers and patients alike realize how dangerous to mind and health these opiates are in the long term, more and more will be searching for alternative medicine to alleviate their chronic and debilitating pain.

Alternative Medicine, Risk vs. Reward

When looking for alternative medicine to opiates, there are several things you have to be extremely careful about. The most important of these is that you should never just cease taking any medication that you have been taking regularly for more than two weeks.

Just stopping your medications can cause all kinds of havoc with your mind and your body, especially when dealing with addictive drugs like opiates. Always speak to your provider, discuss your desire to find a less dangerous way to deal with your pain, and follow a slow, safe medical plan to step down the dangers drug while just as slowly stepping up the alternative medicine of your choice.

Next, you need to be sure that the alternative you choose will work for your type of pain. Unlike opiates, which hide the pain you are in from your body no matter where you are in pain, alternative treatment may be more selectively useful. Just because it helped your back, does not always mean it will help your migraine, for example.

And finally, all things come with a risk of some kind. Be absolutely sure that you research and understand the risks of any alternative medicine you may choose to use, before you start using it. Also, consider that you might have an unknown sensitivity or allergy to any type of internal or topical alternatives, or perhaps you will find you have a tiny spine problem that does not affect you much day to day but causes excruciating pain if you try yoga.

A Brand New Drug

The answer to your pain might be a different kind of prescription drug. Non-narcotic and non-addictive medications can often ease chronic and debilitating pain just as well as any opiate. Just be sure that your doctor knows about all the different drugs, even supplements, vitamins or herbal teas, that you use daily or almost daily. Some of the worst side effects of pain medication are caused or worsened by interactions with other things.

Another option in some states is medical marijuana. Marijuana has been shown for decades being of enormous help with all kinds of pain and illness. However, it does carry some very hefty risks for some people. It may be addictive to those of the right personality type, can aggravate issues in those that find it extremely hard to lose weight by triggering appetite at inappropriate times, and it is still illegal in some states and at the federal level.

A Different Kind of Doctor

In some cases, the answer to chronic pain may be adding a different kind of health care provider to your medical care team. There are several types of cultural medicine that have passed down the “old ways” that have worked for centuries, and should not be discounted simply because the USA hasn’t put a brand name on it yet, such as acupuncture.

Your body, tends to use pain when you are doing something it doesn’t like. A nutritionist can help you figure out if your diet or your supplement regimen is causing some of your problems because of a sensitivity or allergy. Furthermore, a chiropractor can keep your skeleton in healthy alignment, which could ease or completely alleviate many kinds of pains.

Finally, exercising your mind or body appropriately have been proven to help most kinds of pain. Personal trainers can introduce you to yoga and other forms of physical exercise that will strengthen your body, a stronger body is less likely to have pain. Psychiatrists and therapists will keep your mind healthy, and your mind can cause just as much real pain in your body as any injury, up to and including paralysis.

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