Pandemic And Brain Age In Teenagers

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Brain Age

We’ve all handled this pandemic in our ways. The stress of the COVID-19 epidemic not only caused mental health issues in some teenagers, but also accelerated the aging of their brains.

Teenagers’ brain scans after the pandemic, revealed physical changes. These changes were not seen in the brains of similar age groups tested before the outbreak.

What Did The Brain Scan Reveal?

Executive functioning, or the capacity to perform tasks like planning, paying attention, and reasoning, is governed by the cortex. Cortex was shown to have less thickness following the pandemic. Additionally, the amygdala and the hippocampus exhibited development in the scans.

These changes are more common in those who are older or who have been through a lot of hardship as a kid.

Brain Age Difference 

The difference in brain age was roughly three years. Given that the lockdown lasted less than a year, researchers were surprised by the degree of the increase.

But it is yet not clear if the modifications in the brain are permanent or not. 

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