People who Cannot be Vaccinated Against COVID

HBI Blog / People who Cannot be Vaccinated Against COVID

People, without a fully functioning immune system, are about to get an alternative to the COVID vaccine. It will be either an injection containing two different COVID-19 antibodies or a placebo.

COVID-19 antibody

The COVID-19 antibody trial already started on Saturday in Manchester, which involves 1,000 participants. Another 4,000 is included in the global trial organized by pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca.

UK’s Vaccine Taskforce chair, Kate Bingham expressed her concern about the people who might not be able to benefit from a vaccine due to the lack of a working immune system.

“It’s crucial that we leave no one behind as we move closer to finding both a vaccine and developing more treatments for Covid-19,” she said.

“We particularly need to ensure those who cannot be given a vaccine, such as people who are immuno-compromised, have alternatives available (COVID-19 antibody or a placebo) that will help protect them.”

It might be due to an immune deficiency or because they are taking immune-suppressing drugs for certain diseases.

AstraZeneca hopes that the injection (COVID-19 antibody) will offer protection for 6 – 12 months. However, it is more expensive than the vaccination and is difficult to manufacture on a larger scale. So, it is highly unlikely that it will be used on a wider population.

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