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As more and more people struggle with high costs, especially for health care, it is becoming evident how many services are being taken away by the new regulations. In the past few years, insurance companies seem to have become focused only on the least costly fix for a problem. Only the Problems, that have gotten too big to be ignored. Whereas, they should be trying to keep the problem from occurring in the first place. Coverage for services such as physical therapy is being slashed at an alarming rate. However, somehow the costs of these services are still being kept high by insurance companies.

Physical Therapy Gets You Off Your Back

Physical therapy is a magical specialty of medicine. When used properly, what you are taught in physical therapy sessions, can reduce or eliminate pain while also preventing future injuries. Physical therapy after a minor injury now, can mean years without pain and no need for surgery later in life. That is a huge savings in time, money, and self-reliance for both the patient and the insurance company.

Thanks to the false inflating of prices, however,  patients are being forced to pay around $250 per hour out of pocket before their health insurance coverage finally takes over.  The average physical therapy session is one hour, and the average number of sessions used by a patient to reach their PT goal is 9. The total cost of basic sessions adds up to about $2,250.

If your physical therapist suggests frequent use of more advanced methods, the cost will skyrocket fast, and you might soon learn that many of these advanced methods are not covered by your insurance at all. Despite the fact that they are keeping the prices high. With the average deductible being over a $1,200 and still climbing, that means that the patient is self-paying for over half their physical therapy sessions.Physical Therapy

If they are lucky, it will only be half. Few are so lucky, however, as insurance companies are disallowing more and more physical therapy methods all the time. That means that the patient will be paying cash for those as well. Plus their co-pay or co-insurance. Plus their premiums.

These ever increasing costs are keeping patients from going to physical therapy in the first place. Because these patients are not getting the help they need with a minor injury, they will end up living with increasing pain in the years to come. More often than not, they will aggravate their injury or re-injure themselves entirely. Finally, they will often need surgeries or costly medical equipment. All of which costs more in time, money, and effort than the proper physical therapy would have cost to begin with.

How To Find The Physical Therapy You Need

Combatting your high deductibles and disallowed services is not always easy. That is why so many simply go without the care they need. But there is a way. A sure-fire, works every time way, and Health Beyond Insurance is a part of it.

That way is the self-pay revolution. When you are paying cash for your health services you take away the power of the insurance companies, and put it back where it belongs – in your hands and in the hands of your Physical Therapist.

HBI was specifically created to support and advance the self-pay patient revolution and make sure that self-pay patients and cash friendly providers had a way to find each other. We created this path, while offering even more in the way of security and communication opportunities.

Join us, and together we can start making a real difference in healthcare by getting rid of hidden costs. Every service has its costs, isn’t it time that you knew what they actually were, and not what someone else wants you to pay for them?

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