Poor Ventilation? Wear Masks Indoors

HBI Blog / Poor Ventilation? Wear Masks Indoors

The World Health Organization recommended wearing facemasks when indoors with other people, if the ventilation is poor or inadequate in the confined space, in an update regarding COVID-19 guidance on facemasks on Wednesday.


Inappropriate ventilation has been a leading cause in the spread of coronavirus. As a result, WHO has advised wearing non-medical facemasks in indoors that do not have proper ventilation system.

This was the fourth update from the organization regarding mask guidance during pandemic, where they have urged people for extensive use in healthcare settings. WHO recommends “universal masking” for all persons including staff, service providers, patients, visitors, and others in facilities like primary, secondary, tertiary care levels, outpatient care, and long-term care facilities.

WHO also said that in case mask is not available, or in cases where people find it difficult to wear a mask, face shield can act as an alternative. However, it should cover the side of the face and below the chin.

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