Protein Injections: The Possible Solution to Male Infertility

HBI Blog / Protein Injections: The Possible Solution to Male Infertility

Male infertility has long been a serious issue that is often caused by low sperm counts. However, researchers at Seoul National University have found a way to deliver nanoparticles loaded with certain proteins into the testes. The procedure has been tested on mice, and the results were promising.

Male Infertility

Meet P1N1 – The Keeper of BTB

BTB or the blood-testis barrier separates the reproductive cells from the blood, preventing any harmful substance from affecting them. Whenever this barrier is damaged due to some reason, it affects fertility in men.

P1N1 is the protein playing a vital role in developing the barrier. The researchers have targeted a way to boost this protein so that the barrier remains unharmed.

Fibroplex – Making Protein Delivery Possible

Fibroplex is a system made of silk fibroin nanoparticles coated in lipids and loaded with the P1N1 proteins. Researchers have developed this system to make it possible to deliver the proteins directly to the testicles.

The team claims it to be the first-time direct delivery of proteins to the testicles has been linked to treating male infertility. Though it is still at a stage of research, it can get the hopes high.

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