Research Reveals the Way COVID-19 Affects the Eyes

HBI Blog / Research Reveals the Way COVID-19 Affects the Eyes

According to new research published in the journal BMJ Open Ophthalmology, sore eyes are one of the most significant vision-based indicators of COVID-19.

The study showed that 16 percent of people affected with COVID-19 were also suffering from sore eyes. Only 5 percent of patients reported having the condition in past.

COVID-19 Affects the Eyes

Photophobia has been another prominent symptom among COVID-19 patients.

Around 18 percent of people had photophobia as one of their symptoms. 81 percent of people among the 83 respondents reported ocular issues within two weeks of other COVID-19 symptoms among which, 80 percent reported having eye problems lasting for less than a week.

According to Professor Shahina Pardhan, Director of the Vision and Eye Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, “This study is important because it helps us understand more about how COVID-19 can infect the conjunctiva and how this then allows the virus to spread through the body.”

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