Revealing the True Cost of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

HBI Blog / Revealing the True Cost of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

£248 Million. This is the annual cost of chemotherapy for breast cancer in the UK. It includes £1,000 per patient as ‘out-of-pocket’ personal costs. Recent research from the University of East Anglia has revealed these astounding figures.

Breast Cancer

Not all of it is for treatment…

The study includes a thorough investigation regarding the total non-healthcare cost of chemotherapy in the country. The UEA research team included the cost of lost productivity, absence from work, and personal costs like transportation or parking, and over the counter medications.

According to the team, the overall costs can be reduced by better targeting of treatment.

  • Out of the £248 million, societal productivity losses include £141.4 million. The societal productivity losses consist of £3.2 million to premature mortality, and £133.7 million to short-term and long-term work absence.
  • Another £1.1 million in lost productivity emerges from informal care provision.
  • The total out-of-pocket cost sums up to £4.2 million – an average of £1,100 per patient.
  • In addition to the above, the cost of emotional wellbeing care can go as high as £82 million.

As surprising as the figures are, almost half of the cost associated with chemotherapy for breast cancer is associated with non-medical grounds. Given the impact on breast cancer and its treatment on lives, better targeting of chemotherapy treatment might help reduce the cost and help ease the frustration of the patients.

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