Saliva that Trigger Skin’s Immune Response

HBI Blog / Saliva that Trigger Skin’s Immune Response
Immune Response

Ticks are one of the most dangerous disease vectors that are not be judged by their size. This arachnid has caused plenty of damage to mankind with just one bite. Researchers are still confused and fascinated by this eight-legged creature and its saliva that can cause Cephalitis (TBE) or Lyme disease. New research has found out tick saliva can also weaken the skin’s immune defense system, leading to above mentioned tick-borne disease.

What goes behind a tick bite?

The immune cells that are known as T cells get disrupted when contacted with tick saliva. The disease-causing bacteria along with tick saliva prevents the immune cells to accumulate while increasing the number of pathogens present in the skin. This pathogen burden makes it easier for them to multiply and cause infection.

 Climate Change Making things Worse

On this day and age, where the topic of global warming and climate change is not taken lightly, ticks surely have taken it seriously to the point where a rise of only seven degrees in temperature has made them more active than usual. A good instance is Austria, a tick prevalent country where every other tick is infested with pathogens. Although the higher altitudes in Austria were previously spared, things have certainly changed now. Spurts of tick-borne diseases have been observed from higher altitude regions of Austria even late into the late autumns.

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