Screen Time Of Kids Skyrocketed This Pandemic 

HBI Blog / Screen Time Of Kids Skyrocketed This Pandemic 
Screen Time

As the world started to shut down forcing us to become a refugee to the internet, the screen time of kids were at an all-time high. 

According to a recent study, children’s average screen time increased by 52% during the COVID-19 pandemic. The average time is 246 minutes a day.

How did this happen?

An element of the growth was contributed by online schooling. Since face-to-face encounters were discouraged by COVID, youngsters turned to their phones to stay in touch with their pals.

Due to their higher likelihood of owning their gadgets, children aged 12 to 18 reported the largest increase.

How to reduce Screen Time?

Reducing Screen Time necessitates recovery programs that encourage positive device behaviors. This includes moderating ad monitoring daily use and content consumption. Encouraging the use of screens as a creative outlet to meaningfully engage with others instead of mindlessly scrolling.

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