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A recent study published in JAMA Network Open explains how certain physical activities can decrease the risk of early death from cardiovascular diseases and cancers helping you live a long, happy & comfortable life.

In this research, the researchers followed participants for 12 years analyzing their health records for deaths from cancer, heart disease, or any other cause to determine the effects that physical or leisure activities had on mortality. They analyzed data from 272,550 respondents between the ages of 59 and 82.

Activities to consider

  • Racket sports (4% of participants)
  • Walking for exercise (78% of participants)
  • Golf (14% of participants)
  • Running (7% of participants)
  • Aerobic exercise (30% of participants)
  • Swimming (10% of participants)
  • Cycling (25% of participants)

Some facts & figures

Based on  NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study

  • RACQUET SPORTS: Participants who engaged in this activity saw the biggest reduction in cardiovascular issues with a whopping 27% reduction in risk of death. Along with 16% reduction in early death. Wow… Seriously, racquet sport!
  • RUNNING: 19% reduction in cancer risk and an overall 15% reduction in the risk of early death.
  • WALKING: 9% reduction in the risk of early death.
  • OTHERS: Contributed to reducing the risk of early death.

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