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Almost everyone has “that thing”. The little thing about themselves, they would happily change, especially if they didn’t have to make a big deal out of it. By design, elective or cosmetic procedures take care of those little flaws and blemishes in the most discreet way possible, and no one ever needs to know about the little thing you did just for yourself. However, because they have considered elective or cosmetic procedures, your insurance might not cover even the consultation, much less the procedure itself, forcing you to become a self-pay patient.

You Don’t Need It!

That is the justification for not covering elective procedures. Whether it’s an ugly mole, a crooked tooth, or a broken nose that didn’t heal quite straight, many insurance plans do not cover the consultation for these cosmetic procedures, and even more have no elective or cosmetic procedure coverage at all. That leaves you as a self-pay patient even when you did not plan to be.

On the positive side, many doctors will credit the consultation fee on your final bill if you follow through with the elective procedure. Even with the credit, however, straightening that broken nose can cost upwards of $4,000 if you do not carefully shop for a doctor beforehand.

You Have A Week To Find A New Doctor… Right?

That is about how long it used to take to find a new doctor… if you were lucky.

Searching for just the right sugeonmeant hours of web and phone book searching for one doctor at a time, followed by even longer on the phone with each office finding out their rates and asking questions. Often, by the time you found a new doctor, you either didn’t need them or were so frustrated you just didn’t bother with the elective procedure until much later.

Self-pay patient? HBI to the Rescue!

When you come to health beyond insurance you have all of those doctors, surgeons, dentists each more eager than the last to accept the new self-pay patients and cash paying patients, listed in the same place.

No more waiting on hold, no more rushed nurses just trying to get off the phone and move on to the next patient, and no more little slips of paper to jot notes so you can keep track of fees and prices.. A simple way to seek healthcare services…… Health Beyond Insurance!

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