Selfpay Chiropractors? Is it Time to Turn Back?

HBI Blog / Selfpay Chiropractors? Is it Time to Turn Back?

Chiropractors are among those groups of doctors that have the hardest time with insurance companies. For reasons unknown to the rest of the world, the average insurance plans very little, if any, coverage for this branch of health care services. Moreover, the plans that do have any kind of coverage are so strict that often the doctors spend more time following up reimbursement and filing claim appeals for repeated denials than they did treating the patient in the first place. And just to complete this dismal picture, when the doctors finally do get paid, it is often a fraction of the bill that was sent to the company. Also, with no way to demand the remaining balance. Hence the selfpay chiropractors revolution…

Considering the Self-Pay Chiropractors Revolution?

According to articles on the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), these facts have their members wondering if they should become selfpay chiropractors and seek out self-pay patients move, vigorously. One article even outlines a solid plan for doing selfpay Chiropractors so, while also issuing the important warnings of pitfalls to look out for.

Stories also abound on the many sites dedicated to chiropractic news and views of the many doctors now becoming selfpay health care providers. The good, the bad, and the ugly is all represented. However, when you do a quick count, the good does seem to be tipping the scales. Selfpay chiropractors are, in fact, succeeding in turning insurance headaches into cash medical dreams.

The Considerations of Becoming Selfpay Chiropractors

The first major consideration to becoming a cash health care provider is what kind of doctor you are about to become. With the uprising of the self-pay revolution, some new phrases are popping up in news stories and chat forums to describe the different type of pay doctors are specifically targeting.

  • The Insurance Doctor – is the one that stays the course, accepting insurance with all its ups and downs as it always has.
  • The Cash Friendly Doctor – has decided to make an effort to target self-pay patients without changing their insurance acceptance too much if at all.
  • The Cash Doctor – is moving to mostly cash but has decided to also keep the Medicaid and Medicare while removing most or all other forms of insurance from the practice.
  • The Cash Only Doctor – is making the all or nothing move by not accepting any form of insurance at all for any reason.

While not official in any way, these do give a nice outline of what will probably be the most important decision to be made, and many things to consider.

The second most important decision you make should be to join Health Beyond Insurance and get that new cash chiropractor status and price list in front of the self-pay patients we have. Completing your provider profile puts your practice directly in front of the thousands of self-pay patients, eagerly searching for your services for out of pocket payment.

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