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Experiencing shortness of breath while sleeping due to sleep apnea can be frightening, but it is even more frightening to learn that Sleep Apnea, among the various sleep disorders, is associated with other diseases such as cancer, cognitive decline, and many more, This information was revealed by a new research.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition in which a person experiences a periodical sleep disruption due to shortness of breath as a result of blockage in upper airways. Risk factors like obesity, alcohol abuse, and smoking are the contributing factors for OSA.

How is sleep apnea related?

  • Association with Cancer: Research illustrated a higher risk of cancer being associated with obstructive apnea. This study involved a cross-sectional study of 2000 participants with cancer & OSA, which matched with another group having OSA but no cancer.
  • Association with cognitive decline: A study consisting of 358 members aged 65 yrs and above showed a higher risk of cognitive decline among participants with OSA.
  • Association with blood clots: Among the 7000 participants with OSA 104 developed unprovoked blood clots which could be life-threatening. 

More research is still needed

The previous studies have managed to paint a clear picture of how detrimental sleep apnea is to health. Yet it is believed that more research consisting of diverse groups as samples is needed to deliver accurate results. By the time we are provided with more information, we should realize that lack of quality sleep is associated with a wide range of potential health risks.

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