Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Stress Bite

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Want to do LIFE better, sleep better.

Sleep, like breathing, is an essential function that our bodies perform to support us during the awake hours. Although, unlike breathing, blinking and other autonomous functions, sleep requires an active effort to commence, but the impact of this activity supports all human functions.

We’ve all had throbbing headaches at least once in our lifetime due to inadequate sleep. While headaches are the short term consequences, sleep deprivation also increases the risk of following health issues

Sleep deprivation can make you less charitable

This fact was recently established by the journal PLOS Biology which explained how inadequate sleep makes people less likely to help others.

Previous research also associated poor sleep with a lack of emotional processing, empathy and other prosocial behaviors like voting.

More experiments

The present studies were conducted in these three following experiments, each with a different approach to assess the situation further:

  1. Experiment 1: An individual was examined with the help of a questionnaire followed by a functional MRI on separate days to determine his willingness to be helpful to others. There was an increase in the willingness to help others right after being rested than after being sleep deprived.
  2. Experiment 2: This time a group of 171 participants was instructed to maintain a sleep diary following which they answered an online questionnaire. This experiment sheds light on the quality of sleep one needs to function.
  3. Experiment 3: A set of data from a national charity were assessed by researchers to which they noticed a significant reduction in donation amounts during daylight savings time. This highlighted the real-world impact of sleep deprivation that is effecting at the national level.

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